Player Profile

Dawson Hula

#51 OT/DT

Freshman Team

Donations Received: $25.00


Dear Trojan Football Family,

We hope everyone is healthy, safe, and ready to embark on a new football playoff season. While last season was fun, our program accomplished quite a bit making a run to the finals. This season has started a little rough in terms of Wins and losses, but we are confident those trials are bringing growth in our players. We anticipate a good end of season run and another playoff berth.  We have taken fundraising to a new level! We have developed a way to fundraise through our website, ensuring 100% of the proceeds go back to the program. We want to be able to provide our athletes with the support and resources they need, but this can’t be done without your help. Each participant in our program has a monetary goal of $150, please consider donating and sharing via email, text, and social media so each player can reach their goal. 

Donations will be used for the reconditioning and purchasing of equipment, safety equipment, team camps and competitions, nutrition and hydration, new uniforms, travel expenses, and technology.  Thank you so much for your support.  RALI

Donantion Amount Towards Player


Why do you play football? To lose weight, make friends and have a family within school.

Why is it important to be a part of a team? So that we can work together to accomplish one common goal.

What advice would you give to young football player? Listen to you're coach, they know what there talking about.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Creative cinematics or mini movies, airsoft anything competitive. And spending time and talking with people

What is your favorite subject in SchoolI don't have a favorite Subject but a class. Weights.

Favorite Inspirational Quote? Pain is weakness leaving the body. -US Marine's

Who do you look up to and why? My old man because he has shown my so much in life and continues to led me into adulthood.

What is your favorite Ice Cream flavor? Rocky Road

Which would you rather eat every day for the rest of your life - Pizza or Tacos? Pizza