Player Profile

Jesse Ballmer

#14 Cornerback/Slot Receiver

Varsity Team

Donations Received: $25.00

Donantion Amount Towards Player


Why do you play football?  I love it, I play with my friends and brothers as it is a sport I really enjoy and love.

Why is it important to be a part of a team?  I play with my brothers and we are family so we play for each other

What advice would you give to young football player?  “Trust the process” and keep working things will work out for you on the field and in the weight room

What do you like to do in your spare time?  In my free time I’m either with friends or working at my job

What is your favorite subject in School History

Favorite Inspirational Quote?  “Ignorance breeds fear. If you don't keep that fear in check, that fear will breed hatred. If you don't keep hatred in check it will breed destruction.“ - Daryl Davis

Who do you look up to and why?  I look up to my dad because he really pushes me and keeps me going in life never letting me go down

What is your favorite Ice Cream flavor?  Carmel Pecan

Which would you rather eat every day for the rest of your life - Pizza or Tacos?  Pizza